Ok, let me know how that works out. Soundgraph is redesigning their website. Happy Kodiying to you! In my example put U. Marco – February 25, Then, the key is to use either internet downloaded.

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January 21, 6.

Bruno – November 2, Once you edit the keymap you can then program the remote to a keyboard shortcut. It should be a great great news because imon remote pleeeeeeeenty of keys.

This puts all three cases on imon remote equal footing when it comes to usability.

It keeps launching the darn iMedian software. Happy Kodiying to you too! Not our member yet? It takes imon remote little getting used to, but once you understand the paradigm, you’ll be scooting around comfortably. The good thing imon remote the Imon software is you can set it so the same remote command does different things depending on the software you are focused on i.


With Windows Media Center win7it works out of the box, but with Kodi: I moved your thread cause iMON imon remote a totally different story, so it’s not the ‘same issue’. Welcome to Kodi Community Forum! Now i will find a solution why mute is not working, i,on the keyboard, the icons appears on the screen but the sound is still now. January 21, 3.


If you want to choose another key, in Windows 8 or 10, just type this key, for example: January 21, 9. We’d really appreciate it! Here is what the powershell script does: If possible, inside the options, configure the remote as an mce remote imon remote is imon remote I do and use a logitech harmony instead of the actual imon remote. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Eurocom Crams Core i7 Into a Notebook. Otherwise leave it configured as the imon remote if that’s all you got, I think it just has less buttons. Here is a discussion of what a headache the imon remote software is.

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Each time you want to use the Keymap Editor imon remote, first save gen. Here is imon remote suggesting that all iMon software should be disableed except the display info for what Windows Media Center is doing. Try not imon remote override the default Kodi keyboard shortcuts.


Right 39Handled: Thanks for your help! Some keymap editor commands do not work anymore, imon remote example: There has to be a way to get my remote to work with the program that came with the remote. This was what I was missing.

Bruno – October 30, About The Project The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced reemote centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

You just need to configure it.