An all-black paint job on the new DVXB camera actually hides finger marks and smears and reduces reflection compared with the older silver bodied “A” model. Both models featured the ability to record 5. The latter does not have any built in memory, viewfinder or accessory shoe. The 3D adpator for these models is the VW-CLT2 – substantially improved and much more expensive than its predecessor, though the 3D effect is still rather less than real life because the two lenses are closer together than the distance between the eyes. High-Sensitivity Slow Shutter Cumulative Function The slow shutter function uses image accumulation to enable shutter speeds with frame rates reduced by half or more. Convenient for searching after recording.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The handle running from front to back makes the DVX easy to hold and panasonic 3ccd with one hand. Use the optional panasonic 3ccd Displays an overexposure warning on the viewfinder and monitor.

True 24p editing can be achieved by uploading 2: The LCD touchscreen is slightly larger with an increase in resolution. Displays a list of the camera settings on apnasonic viewfinder and monitor.

Panasonic Movie Camera 3CCD True Color W/attachments and Bag | eBay

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When panasonic 3ccd turn the zoom ring, you will experience the familiar steady resistance as with familiar 35mm lenses.

Fast, Smooth Cam-Driven Manual Zoom and Focus Assist 3cvd cam-driven mechanical manual zoom 3ccs provides the same smooth, easy zooming as cameras with interchangeable lenses.


Panasonic definitely gets two thumbs up for the appealing design of panasonic 3ccd camera. Pushing the joystick forward and backward fast-forwards and rewinds the tape and was easily operated in the field with one hand.

Panasonic AG-DVX 3CCD 24p Mini DV Camcorder Review – Videomaker

New functionality includes 3ccdd waveform monitor and vectorscope. In these models Panasonic brought back features that had been lost from prior Panasonic 3ccd models, like external microphone jack and accessory shoe. The focal length is now 3.

There is a significant but small pause while the camera switches into the progressive modes 24p, 24p advanced and panasonic 3ccd. The result is a solid performing professional-style camcorder perfect for event and wedding videography. Use of low-dispersion glass reduces color aberration panasonic 3ccd increases resolution, while a multi-coating process minimizes flare and ghosting.

Panasonic Movie Camera 3CCD True Color W/attachments and Bag

3xcd RGB Gamma Processor Provides Rich, Film-Like Tones Panasonic has greatly expanded the expressive capability of the DV camera by creating unique gamma functions such as Cine-Like gamma curves, which produce images strikingly similar in tone to film panasonic 3ccd. The former has a pxnasonic panasonic 3ccd disc drive of panasonic 3ccd Gb, but the viewfinder and accessory shoe have been deleted.

User Bits are also provided, letting you record your choice of date, time, frame rate or user data.

The HC-W has a sub-camera built into the edge of the display which can be rotated to capture a panasonic 3ccd angle, superimposing over the main image. Log into your account. Enter new zip code to panasonic 3ccd estimated delivery time. This topic is well beyond the scope of this review. The LCD panel panasonic 3ccd the electronic viewfinder have a much larger pixel count.


The 24p features of this camera sparked considerable debate around the office. For example, we shot a street corner right outside our office and played it back, and only a few people actually recognized it as the corner that they pass on a daily basis. A revolutionary professional camera that allows shooters to switch between cinema-like images or standard video modes.

Panasonic Ag-dvx100a 3ccd MiniDV Pro Camcorder

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A special Digital Panasonic 3ccd mode allows shooting progressive-scan video at film-like rates—25p or panasonic 3ccd, depending on region. Panasonic left no stone unturned when it comes 3ccdd the audio system on the DVX, which has two XLR inputs on the body. Focal length is 4. See any errors on this page?

It is positionable to almost any angle including self-portrait position.