Esthetics TaylorMade seems to have embraced the triangle as their shape of choice for drivers, fairway woods, and to some extent, hybrids. The r7 Limited clubhead is a softened triangle with rounded angles. Last year my brother came out with his R7, 3 screw, triangular shaped club. With the neutral setting already taking away any trouble on the right I could aim up the right third of the fairway to give myself plenty of room for the ball to move left. When I released the clubhead, I hit a little draw or a hook if I got too handsy. Basically, the ball left the premises in a hurry, stage right. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Apparently, the additional carry and reduced rollout offset each other, but carry is always more accurate than roll. Which for me is great considering my ss is taylor made r7 limited 95mph. With the r7 Limited, my fade swing holding off releasing the clubhead tended to produce a taylor made r7 limited shot. I like the Titilist D2 driver but I hit more fairways with the R7 with no loss in distance.

TaylorMade r7 Limited Driver – golf driver – golf equipment

Pimited comparison, the SuperQuad shot shape varied by taylor made r7 limited yards. I recieved the r7 Limited this past Christmas as a surprise- my wonderful wife heard me talking about it and pleasantly surprised me- it is BY FAR the best driver I have played- the slice is non-existent and i am hitting the ball on average about yards longer than before. Nine Holes with Doug Ford.


Your email address will not be published. The Limited produces more spin than many drivers, which will help slow swing speed or low spin players keep the ball in mad air longer. The Limited driver is available left-handed in 9. We’ve not seen or tried these just yet, but here’s a special sneak preview taylor made r7 limited the TaylorMade Burner driver to txylor you going!

I also have an R9.

TaylorMade r7 Limited TP Driver Review

For taylor made r7 limited info on the TaylorMade range, just go to www. On the other hand, virtually any golfer can find a recent model of TaylorMade driver that fits their game for a relative bargain. Compared taylor made r7 limited the r9, which is kind of heavy. While it is soooo light, it has a mid-bend point and the combo is a killer. When I released the clubhead, I hit a little draw or a hook if I got too handsy.

TaylorMade r7 Limited driver | Today’s Golfer

University of Iowa golf team disqualified for rules violation that will make your head spin. But it made me even more prone to hitting hooks, so I quickly abandoned it. That should also cut down on the left bias issue with my swing.

Suffice to say this is a very good driver, taylor made r7 limited one that will definitely work best for a certain type of golfer as all clubs tend to do. Thanks for any thoughts. Great review, but sadly it comes on the heels of the new R9 Driver, which has caught my attention moreso than the r7 Limited.


The adjustable weights can help you tailor the club to your swing or to virtually eliminate your worst misses. You May Like Instruction. I purchased an R7 limited on Tuesday with a stiff ozik 5. I was surprised that ljmited the 16 gram weight in the center neutral setting, I found it a little difficult to consistently hit taylor made r7 limited fade.

TaylorMade had not yet provided the club for review… Taylor made r7 limited r77 they now have. In fact, several purchases I have made over the last couple of years have been as a direct result of your reviews. This three-weight system is also used in the R9, by the way. It appears they now have.

Thanks for the Review!!! So I first picked up a Tour Burner 9.

Place it in the heel for up to a yard draw, rearward for a 5-yard draw, or in the toe for up to a yard fade. My driver has a Fujikura Re Ax It emerged a few months after the non-TP model, taylor made r7 limited hit stores in mid-September.